Is there a subscription?


What are the fees?

Each MAM account has a different performance fee depending on your deposit. However, the management fee remains the same for all accounts

I understand there is a risk, but can I lose all my money?

Yes, although we have layers of risk management, forex is like every other investment, your capital is at risk

I have a friend that also wants to invest- if I refer them, is there a referral fee?

Yes, either a one off fee for individuals, or a professional introducers agreement, where we pay ongoing monthly “income”.

Whats the minimum deposit?

10,000 USD

When can I withdraw my money?

The first week of each month, you can take a withdrawal – as little or as much as you wish.

Who has access to my money?

Only you. Although you have opened an account with the broker, when you make the transfer, the custodian bank holds your money in a segregated account. You therefore make the transfer and any subsequent withdrawals.

How do I get started?

Click on the link and open your account.

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More Questions?

Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.